Connecting to and using your IPKVM


IPKVM (iLO) Connectivity and Usage

Each server has a dedicated management port which allows both troubleshooting and power management as well as remote console without relying on the operating system of the server. This is helpful if you lose connectivity due to a configuration issue.

Use the IP address specified for the IPKVM when your server was set up for you. You can find this in your welcome email or in the client portal.

Connecting via web browser - go to https://YourIPKvmAddress to gain access to the web management function. From here you will log in with the username ipkvm and your password specified in the portal. Once logged in you can perform server power functions (Power-on, Power-off, cold reboot) check for hardware errors and lauch a remote console session.

Connecting via Windows Application - Download and Install HPE remote console software here - Run software and specify the IPKVM IP Address, the username of ipkvm and your password specified in the portal. You will be connected to the server like you were plugged into the local keyboard, video and mouse ports.


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